Working For An Employer That Doesn't

Share Your Values Is Difficult

  • You may not have the same moral compass

    Your employer may ask you to do things that don't feel honest or line up with your beliefs.

  • You work around someone else's schedule for you.

    You have to work when THEY schedule you to work and getting days off requires a lot of notice.

  • You can only earn a certain amount of money.

    Your ability to earn more income is limited as there may not be opportunity for growth.

  • You can't share your faith openly.

    You aren't allowed to share your faith because it could offend somebody.

When You Own Your Own Home Biz,

You Get To Make The Rules!


  • Be Your Own Boss

    Your home biz can be based on your faith and values.

  • Set Your Own Schedule

    You'll have the freedom to spend more time with God, friends, family or just plain relaxing!  It's up to you!

  • Earn What You Want

    Unlock your income potential!  There's no income cap in God's economy!

  • Do What You Love

    You get to use your skills, knowledge and experience to help others on your own terms.


Hey! I'm Vicky!

I understand how tough it is to work for an employer who

  • doesn't understand your Christian values,
  • can't give you more hours or pay, even if they want to
  • can't give you the days off you need.

I started my home biz so I could center my life around God's timing and economy, not someone else's.


And now, I help women transition from employee to home biz owner so they can also break free from time and income constraints and live a more fulfilling life.

Live The Life You've Dreamed Of

  • More Time To Do What Matters

  • More Money For Living and Giving

  • Serving Others In A Meaningful Way

  • Sharing Your Faith When You Feel Led To

  • Purpose-filled Living

A Simple Process For A Home Biz You Love



Start Your

Home Biz

Follow the step-by-step plan to start and grow your home biz.


Be A Blessing With Your Home Biz

Serve others well while creating a more fulfilling life.

What Members Are Saying

Home Biz Mentorship Program Member

Not sure what’s happened but I signed up 5 new clients last month.. and 3 this month..with another call tonight. I feel like I’m not trying as hard... But getting better results.

Home Biz Mentorship Program Member

Thank you for all of your help tonight!!! I definitely love hearing feedback and getting help with decisions!!! Also, the freebie resources are super helpful...

Home Biz Mentorship Program Member


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